The vehicle fleet has an average age of 2.7 years, and consists of:

1. 95 Temperature Controlled Trailer of which:

  • 75% Double Deck System: to optimize stowage and transport of particularly delicate and non-overlapping goods;
  • 50% Double Temperature System: to be able to load, and optimize, goods at different temperatures, using the same vehicle.



OF – Velocista

How do we design our vehicle fleet?

We study, together with a committee of customers, what are the scenarios of our market. We have been involving in our choices, for 2 years, a team of experts with the aim of ensuring drivers the use of the safest vehicles and customers the most performing vehicles in terms of emissions and environmental impact.

Our choices have an impact on the future. For this reason, we design our investments and conduct so that the relative "return" is measured by the SROI (Social Return on Investment).